Monday, December 15, 2008

I am a total loser when it comes to updating this. Then again No one is reading it.. lol so it really doesn't matter. Things are going well. My belly is quite large and I am trying to deal with getting so big. I think I might take pictures tonight. I haven't taken any in awhile.. so I guess it's time. Matt and I are slowly finding names we agree on. So far we have three names we agree on.. out of thousands, we can agree on three. Christmas is fast approaching and I need to bust out the wrapping paper. I am almost done, except for my mom, dad, and matt. I was going ot buy my mom a wii for christmas (she asked for one) but then she took my dad out and he bought her one. WTF? Isn't there a general rule about NOT buying yourself gifts before christmas? (ok ok HE bought it for her but you get what I mean.)

I should mention that I am having a har time stopping eating cocoa krispies... they are SO good.

In other news it is FREEZING here... well below freezing actually. There use to be a rule that if the temp dropped below 0 then school was closed because of the children that have to wait at a bus stop... makes sense.. sounded human.. compassionate.. yeah they dropped that rule.. let the children freeze.. apparently.

ok off to clean the house.. again