Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bend over!

Yes my friends it is that time again.. the time whence I complain about the fact that I am financially fucked. You know I get on track and have things rolling smoothly along and I turn my back for a brief second and WHAM! I run smack into the wall of "You just got financially screwed! We noticed that things might have been a bit easy on you financially over the last month. We don't want to hear some sorry ass excuse about how you were out of work.. bla bla bla. We do want to inform you that we have changed your gas bill from $147 a month to $250 a month, and yes you need to pay that amount in order to turn n the new service at your new apartment... in other words.. BEND OVER HONEY THIS WILL ONLY HURT FOR A MONTH OR SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I HATE that I get caught up and then I get hit with some crazy financial disaster... and yes $200 when you can't buy food is a disaster.. not to mention that you don't have the money to move into the apartment, and some other things will be late as well. It's funny that the state of Missouri is so quick to find out when I have a side job and take away benefits, but ask the FUCKING State of Missouri to put Paul the slacker mother fucker in jail for non payment for the last 3.5 YEARS and tey can't even find the fucker! Great system ya got goin' there! I wouldn't even need to be on assistance if he would wake the fuck up and support his child! See HE wants to have Gryphon part time so that he doesn't have to pay anything. HA!!!!!! I can see it now.. Gryphon would be an alcoholic at 9 and smocking crack by the time he was 12. Luckily he lives with me.

So if anyone is shitting gold nuggets... can I come fish in your toilet? Or better yet will you come and shit in my pool?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Settling down

So after two weeks of turmoil about being unemployed, and many break downs and about 10 interviews, I dropped Gryphon off at school and the Vice Principal asked me if I had applied for the para position... huh? She asked me to stop by human resources and speak to a woman there about the position. I told her that I needed a definite job then.. NOW. So I went and picked up some copies of transcripts and headed downtown to HR. I sat in the office lobby for 2 hours and then deicded that I had wasted enough time waiting for this job. I stood up and explained my frustration to the woman at the desk. A woman walked out and the woman at the desk told her I need to see HR woman. So I went back and spoke with her and she rushed me through paperwork. I start tomorrow morning. YAY!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My stomach is allergic to this embryo

If I do not have food in my stomach constantly I am sick. SICK SICK SICK! This does not work well with me, as I have a shit ton of work to do. I have to finish up the amazing job that Matt has done packing up my apartment, figure out how to make $1,000 in less than two weeks, find a job, paint my living room and bathroom back to vanilla, schedule utility transfers... bla bla bla. I am realy freaking out about the no job thing. I have just spent the last of my bill money on my bills. I am caught up until September, where the vicious cycle eats it's own head. I am hoping that someone gets their head out of their ass and hires me. I am a fantastic worker, I always show up, I bust my butt to get things done and get them done right. Everyone should want to hire me.

Gryphon is at his grandparents meeting his new cousin. He will be back on Saturday, and I have to say that after our vacation, the break is nice. Parker is back in school, which she needed. She is such a creature of habit that school is perfect for her. Her speech has jumped by leaps and bounds. She talks like a 3 year old now. She has gotten a haircut and is so adorable I can't stand it! Gryphon is so big it's scary. He has mastered riding his bike without training wheels, and is practicing riding with one hand, and while not at the same time he also rides standing up. Ahhh the milestones of bike riding. Today is Parker's bike day at school. I wish I could go and watch her, but she knows what color, make, and model my car is so I would be busted.
She also knows and points out at every opportunity who Abe Lincoln is and on which monetary pieces he is located. She is learning George WashingHAM. Ahhh to hear her say it is so cute. I think she needs some presidential flash cards.

Soon I turn 33. BAH! What accomplishments do I have to show for this? I have two wonderful children. I think I need to get to work on some accomplishments. I think I should work on trying to take classes or something to further my education. ugh ok ok. the embryo is suggesting I eat
or feel it's wrath!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

random morning thoughts

It is a lovely morning in New Jersey. I am still on vacation visiting my parents. Gryphon and Parker are outside playing, I am sitting in their back porch nibbling at a blueberry muffin and watching them play. It is beautiful outside, the weather is not hot, but not cold... perfect. Parker was riding her tricycle and has learned to peddle, which in toddler accomplishments is huge. She gets tired of it quickly and would rather run to tell me that she has peddled. Gryphon's big accomplishment of the day is he can run under a plant that is draining and barely get his head wet. He tries to convince parker that she too should run under the plant, but she is having none of his shenanigans. Smart girl!
On the preggo front... it is taking me awhile to get moving in the morning. I feel less than human until after I have been up for an hour or two. I guess thisis just how it is going to be. At least I feel better than I did for those first four or five days, that was hell! I have not told Gryphon of the impending arrival just yet. We are going to wait and tell the older kids together when we get back to KC.
Once we get back to KC I have two weeks and then I move. I am a bit nervous about this because of the job front, or lack there of. Hopefully by time I get home I will have some interviews set up and I can get to work.
Tomorrow after Gryphon's friends birthday party we are going to head down to the beach for a couple of days. I am looking forward to seeing the kids play on the beach. I grew up every summer at the beach and it kills me that my children don't have entire summers to spend at the campground and beach. We settle for a couple of days out of the weeks that I get to come home. I love coming to see my family, I just wish I lived closer.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I am Heather, mom to two wonderful and crazy children, Gryphon 8 and Parker 2. I am a teacher and a children's yoga instructor. I am a vegetarian. I am 32, soon to be 33. I like to knit. I love to sew. I make kickass slings. I am expecting my third child in about 9 months. I am partnered with a man who is an artist and although sometimes he dives me crazy, he makes me smile daily. He makes me feel beautiful and wanted. He has become an amazing father. Between the two of us there are three children, and the zygote that I am currently gestating.

I am hoping that I will update this blog frequently. I would like to use this as a way to document my pregnancy, and my yoga teachings. Last year I did an after school program at a public Montessori school. I loved the position and the children loved the class. My daughter came with me daily and is my yoga bean. I expect to teach the new hatchling yoga as well. My son is not very interested, which makes me sad. He can bust out a mean warrior though.
I am living the in the mid-west and surprisingly I like it. I have sloooowly made friends, and I am feeling at home.

Some of my interests are knitting, photography, sewing, yoga, bike riding, and as seldom as I do it I really enjoy baking.