Monday, January 19, 2009

31-32 weeks
I have had a couple of people comment on how BIG I am. I say "Go stuff yourselves!"

I thought I would go ahead and actually post a picture.

quickie update

Man, I suck at updating! I am now about 32 weeks pregnant. I am feeling pretty good, of course today I am off from work.. talk to me on wednesday and see how I am feeling. Usually I am tired. I drag my feet and complain. When people as "How are you feeling?" I want to say "Like I have a big head sitting on my cervix, and like there are tiny fingers scratching their way out. How about you?" but instead I stick with a simple one word answer. "TIRED" I have been the worst at taking pictures of my pregnant belly. I got a kick ass camera for christmas, and my house has been so messy I wouldn't take pictures of anything. Matt and I cleaned up the theatre room and re arranged it. It looks fabulous! I love it now! I might actually watch that Huge ass tv now. We invited Eric and Kathleen over to watch Flight of the Conchords last night so I spent all day cleaning. By all day I mean all the rest of the day after my two Sunday jobs.
I started teaching a kids yoga class at a community center in Johnson County, andI hate it up until I get there and start moving. Once I start moving I feel great, and love it! I am supposed to teach until the end of April, but since this fetus has been an occupant longer than we thought, I will teach up until Feetoe is evicted.
I have a MW appointment today, and of course I am nervous because I have not had enough water today. I have been working on my protein intake, and I think that I have been doing better. So now I must get up and shower, throw some clothes into the washer, possibly clean out my traveling trashcan, and pick up a book from the library. OMG I love day's off from work!