Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Still here

I am now either 14 or 15 weeks. I am still able to fit into my regular clothes, it just doesn't look pretty. I bought a couple of maternity pants and some shirts. This in between stage is so akward. I need to get some fabric and make some more skirts. The skirts I made last time were the best! They were super easy and I think it cost like $10 to make two of them. My boss gave me a bunch of maternity clothes today. Karen has given me a bunch. The problem I have with maternity clothes is that they seem to think that only shorter women get pregnant. Either that or they don't accomodate for the expansion of the inner thighs. EVERY pair of maternity pants with the bigbelly band are WAY too short, as in like 2 inches. If I pull them down to where I don't have a belly band and a bra all in one then the crotch of the pants hangs down halfway between my actual bits and my knees. So skirts it is.

Work is going well. The kids are great.

Gryphon got to play goalie in soccer the other day and he was AWESOME! When they switched out he had to put on a jersey vest thing and he got it halfway on and the ref blew the whistle so the other team took their goal kick (not technical name, but you get the idea) and Gryphon's arms were all tangled in his vest thing and he blocked the goal with his knee. We went crazy laughing and cheering, cause that was just amazing! Seriously his arms were tangled in his jersey, as in no use of the upper extremeties. The coach had to come onto the field and fix the jersey. Then he was good to go. He blocked a couple of shots and even dove for one that just eeked by him. I was so proud of him I was crying! It was a good day. So other than Gryphon the wonder goalie I have nothing to update.

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