Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Organize and Organize again...and again...and....

I've always been a mess, a big hot mess. My house was always the house with clothes and toys EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really do mean everywhere. When Uptown and I bought our house and moved in, a dear friend of mine made a funny comment that has stuck in my head. She said "Your house is beautiful, DO NOT let it get as messy as your apartment!" of course she was joking. It has eaten away at me ever since we moved in. So in the last month my friend Pres and I started an organization challenge. Every day we pick a trouble spot in our respective houses and we organize. We have gotten a lot done, but (and this is a big but) BUT we both found that we can't just organize a spot and move on and forget about it. We had to come up with a schedule to maintain as well. So Today is Tuesday and on my schedule is Kitchen and Dining room/Classroom (I use my dining room as a classroom) So every Tuesday I go through and pick up, wipe down, sweep and mop. Now keep in mind I have 4 kids so this is a daily struggle. I am still trying to balance living in our space and keeping it clean and organized. I've been reading blogs, pinning pins, reading magazines, but it really comes down to what works best for our family, and I've yet to discover that. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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Karissa said...

When I'm inspired to tidy or clean, I always start in the kitchen. It makes the most obvious difference, the fastest. Also, I skip the dishwasher sometimes and just wash everything by hand. That definitely is faster than loading, waiting and unloading.
Doing laundry is another one that is easy and fast and makes a big difference.
The paper clutter? Try to file things (I have used a 13 file folder for the last few years for receipts, medical papers, car papers, even our marriage license is filed under May 2009). Chances are you won't need the stuff again, but it's out of sight!
But don't come to my house--there are dishes to be done, a bathroom to be cleaned and papers to file. :)