Thursday, December 8, 2011

A bowl full of lemons.: Giveaweay time!!! JO TOTES.

One of the blogs that I LOVE, is A bowl full of Lemons. She has so many great ideas for getting organized! I check in pretty much daily! Today she has an awesome giveaway! I love photography.. big puffy heart love photography! Today the giveaway is from Jo TOTES. I LOVE bags, purses, clutches.. etc. These look awesome! A bag with compartments so you can store your camera and lens' along with your other purse belongings? *swoon* Go check out ABFOL! and enter to win a cool bag! Hey if you win and don't want the bag? Holidays are coming and I know you love me!

A bowl full of lemons.: Giveaway time!!! JO TOTES.

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