Thursday, December 8, 2011

Closet clean up

Here are a couple of pictures of my closet. Today I took about 15 minutes and just cleaned it up a bit. One day soon it will get a total transformation, but not today. 


This is after. Like I said... 15 minutes. It was a quick pick up and hang up. It looks better.

Typically I like to organize my clothes from light to dark, but I have several other things that need to get done today, so I'll have to get back to this another time... maybe tonight while Parker is taking her bath.

I am loving this schedule. My house is staying clean, and looks a HUNDRED times better and I feel better. I was talking to my mom the other day about having junk and clutter all over the house and how cloudy and sluggish I feel. As soon as rooms are picked up and tidy I immediately feel better. We have both agreed that there are several house projects that we want to work on. The first is Matt is moving his music studio from our third floor bonus room, down to the basement. This is his project. He said he wanted to get in on the organizing too! YES! The second is my project of organizing the bonus room and turning it into my mama cave! I have my sewing machine and craft supplies up there already, but hopefully soon I'll be putting my exercise stuff up there too. We are moving the chaise from the living room , which is currently in our bedroom to make room for the christmas tree, up to my new room. I have an older tv up there and it will be a nie place to hide when I need to do so. The third project is a HUGE one. We are moving the kids theater from the front living room, downstairs to the basement. We have a large basement area that was being used as my exercise area, but we would both rather move the kids tv and video games downstairs. This means I have a LOT of work to get done. With the holidays coming up so quickly, I'm a bit nervous that we won't get it all done in time, but I also don't know if it all needs to be done before Christmas. So maybe that means I should get off of here and get started? 

What plans do you have? Are you taking it easy for the season, or are you taking it all on and cramming in as many things as you can? I tend to work best under pressure. I will do my best to get pictures on here, because really what fun is just reading about me doing stuff if you can't see how awful it looks at first and how much better it looks when I'm done.

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