Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bend over!

Yes my friends it is that time again.. the time whence I complain about the fact that I am financially fucked. You know I get on track and have things rolling smoothly along and I turn my back for a brief second and WHAM! I run smack into the wall of "You just got financially screwed! We noticed that things might have been a bit easy on you financially over the last month. We don't want to hear some sorry ass excuse about how you were out of work.. bla bla bla. We do want to inform you that we have changed your gas bill from $147 a month to $250 a month, and yes you need to pay that amount in order to turn n the new service at your new apartment... in other words.. BEND OVER HONEY THIS WILL ONLY HURT FOR A MONTH OR SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I HATE that I get caught up and then I get hit with some crazy financial disaster... and yes $200 when you can't buy food is a disaster.. not to mention that you don't have the money to move into the apartment, and some other things will be late as well. It's funny that the state of Missouri is so quick to find out when I have a side job and take away benefits, but ask the FUCKING State of Missouri to put Paul the slacker mother fucker in jail for non payment for the last 3.5 YEARS and tey can't even find the fucker! Great system ya got goin' there! I wouldn't even need to be on assistance if he would wake the fuck up and support his child! See HE wants to have Gryphon part time so that he doesn't have to pay anything. HA!!!!!! I can see it now.. Gryphon would be an alcoholic at 9 and smocking crack by the time he was 12. Luckily he lives with me.

So if anyone is shitting gold nuggets... can I come fish in your toilet? Or better yet will you come and shit in my pool?

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