Monday, August 25, 2008

Settling down

So after two weeks of turmoil about being unemployed, and many break downs and about 10 interviews, I dropped Gryphon off at school and the Vice Principal asked me if I had applied for the para position... huh? She asked me to stop by human resources and speak to a woman there about the position. I told her that I needed a definite job then.. NOW. So I went and picked up some copies of transcripts and headed downtown to HR. I sat in the office lobby for 2 hours and then deicded that I had wasted enough time waiting for this job. I stood up and explained my frustration to the woman at the desk. A woman walked out and the woman at the desk told her I need to see HR woman. So I went back and spoke with her and she rushed me through paperwork. I start tomorrow morning. YAY!

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