Saturday, August 9, 2008

random morning thoughts

It is a lovely morning in New Jersey. I am still on vacation visiting my parents. Gryphon and Parker are outside playing, I am sitting in their back porch nibbling at a blueberry muffin and watching them play. It is beautiful outside, the weather is not hot, but not cold... perfect. Parker was riding her tricycle and has learned to peddle, which in toddler accomplishments is huge. She gets tired of it quickly and would rather run to tell me that she has peddled. Gryphon's big accomplishment of the day is he can run under a plant that is draining and barely get his head wet. He tries to convince parker that she too should run under the plant, but she is having none of his shenanigans. Smart girl!
On the preggo front... it is taking me awhile to get moving in the morning. I feel less than human until after I have been up for an hour or two. I guess thisis just how it is going to be. At least I feel better than I did for those first four or five days, that was hell! I have not told Gryphon of the impending arrival just yet. We are going to wait and tell the older kids together when we get back to KC.
Once we get back to KC I have two weeks and then I move. I am a bit nervous about this because of the job front, or lack there of. Hopefully by time I get home I will have some interviews set up and I can get to work.
Tomorrow after Gryphon's friends birthday party we are going to head down to the beach for a couple of days. I am looking forward to seeing the kids play on the beach. I grew up every summer at the beach and it kills me that my children don't have entire summers to spend at the campground and beach. We settle for a couple of days out of the weeks that I get to come home. I love coming to see my family, I just wish I lived closer.

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