Monday, January 30, 2012

Laundry room AFTER

OK so this wasn't a total laundry room makeover, it was just a quick re organizing and sprucing. A "tide me over until I can do more" type of project. I need shelves, and maybe a new light fixture, but all in all it looks much better.

I used only what I had available in my house. I spent nothing. The small paintings are our eldest daughter's paintings from when she was little, and the Mona Lisa is a project Uptown did with his Kindergarten class. The dog crate is ugly, but that's where it lives. I have some fabric, maybe I'll try to spruce it up a bit. hmmm ideas for new projects running rampant through my brain.

Tomorrow or Wednesday we are getting a new puppy and hopefully his crate will fit next to Taj's crate. It looked so plain before I hung the pictures. I don't have time today to paint or else I would have added a fun color or pattern to the walls. I had these paintings just sitting in our basement and it adds a little bit of color to the wall.  Now I'm off to do my scheduled living room/Family room pick up.

Before                                                After

Before                                                   After

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DaniƩl Waters Minton said...

It looks great! I love the artwork. Every room deserves art work, even the laundry room!